Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Lead Market Helps You to Improve Business with Zero Complaints

Lead generation is the start of consumer interest in products or services of a business. In lead generation, the customer makes enquiries into products and services of the business. A sales lead is the identification of data from a prospective buyer. Any business needs leads to survive and grow. registered under Suvision Holdings Private Limited generates leads for Lead Market. Lead market is India’s largest market place of prequalified leads on insurance, loans, mutual funds, real estate, loans, and stocks.
Here is why Lead Market is different from other sellers and intermediaries. Lead Market offers unbiased and personalized advice to consumers for one important purpose. To make sure they are not cheated and misguided by agents, sellers and intermediaries. What’s great is this service is absolutely free. Lead Market Bangalore is good for intermediaries too.
Are you a seller of financial services? Just go to Lead Market which is India’s largest and the most trusted market place for sellers of financial products. You can download the Lead Market App at Play Store or App Store. Lead Market Reviews are excellent because of the quality of service. Lead Market helps improve business with zero complaints. In spite of our excellent services if you do have Lead Market complaints, get in touch with Lead Market Customer Care. We will resolve them at the earliest.
Want to know more on Loans? We at will make it easy for you. Just give us a missed call on 022 6181 6111 to explore our unique Free Advisory Service.
How Lead Market helps grow business?
It’s simple. Lead Market is India’s largest market place of prequalified leads on financial products.
You can buy and manage financial products and real estate property leads on Lead Market.
Lead Market gives sellers advanced and simple to use Lead Purchasing Technology.
Lead Market is a product of which is India’s largest Free Financial Education Company providing free and Unbiased Financial Education to over 37 Lakh consumers.
Take a look at our privileged associates giving reviews on Lead Market App. Our associates just love Lead Market and you can watch a video on how an associate grew business with Lead Market.
Why Lead Market: Lead Market Bangalore never generates leads through cold calling. Only people who post a request on our website or call our helpline number/respond to our promotional campaign are given a financial education.
All customers are financially educated with knowledge on financial products, making selling easy.
Only manually validated leads by the financial advising team are forwarded. This means you get leads of only genuine and interested customers. Take a look at the video of why associates love Lead Market.
You get leads through SMS, Email along with Lead Market App.
With the CRM you can access best quality leads provided, anywhere and anytime. Lead Market takes complaints very seriously and looks to resolve them at the earliest.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

IndianMoney - Review Your Financial Plans with Indian Money

Financial planning is a process of meeting financial goals through proper money management. Financial goals could be short term like going on a vacation, mid-term like buying a car or long term like retirement or buying a house. Financial planning helps achieve strategic goals and objectives.
Take a look at financial planning thumb rules. One of the first rules of financial planning is Pay Yourself First. Save a part of monthly income before spending. As income rises make sure to save more. Follow the 50-20-30 rule. About 50% of your income should go for living expenses, 20% for savings for medium/long term goals and 30% for spending like travel and vacation.
Want to know more on financial planning? We at IndianMoney Review will make it easy for you. Just give us a missed call on 022 6181 6111 to explore our unique Free Advisory Service. is not a seller of any financial products. We only provide FREE financial advice/education to ensure that you are not misguided while buying any kind of financial products.
Why you should regularly review your financial plan?
Why do you go for a medical check-up at regular intervals? Isn’t it to stay in good health? In much the same way, the financial plan requires a regular review.
Set achievable goals: When setting financial goals it is very important to set achievable goals. Setting unachievable goals demoralizes you and it’s a setback to the financial plan. If you have set unachievable financial goals, review the financial plan. Review both the financial instruments you have invested and the investment. A simple example of financial plan review is if you have set a financial goal to retire at 55 and find the money insufficient, reset the retirement age at 60. Let’s say you had planned to buy a house for Rs 90 Lakhs. You find the investment insufficient? Then settle for a house of Rs 75 Lakhs.
Salary is hiked: A hike in salary calls for review of financial goals. A big salary hike means financial plan review. You might have got a windfall like EPF money or an inheritance. It’s time to revise investments and investment objectives. You can set new financial goals or allocate more money towards investments.
Set up an emergency fund: As your family grows you need an emergency fund. Keep at least 3 months of living expenses in the emergency fund if you are single. Make this 6 months if you are married.
Increase in number of dependents: If there is an increase in the number of dependents (say the birth of a child), review financial plan. You might need additional life or health insurance. You would have to set aside more money towards investments. Make sure you do Estate Planning by writing a WILL as dependents increase to avoid fights and controversy.
Change in the tax status: Let’s say you have changed your job and got a salary hike. This puts you in the higher tax slab. You might need to focus on tax planning to save more money.
Your risk tolerance and risk appetite have changed: If you have turned from a conservative investor to an aggressive investor, review financial plan. You might have to review the investment plan as you go for more aggressive investments.
What to consider in financial review?
  1. Reviews advises you to update financial advisor on life changes: Your financial advisor must know your important milestones to make the right financial decision. If you are newly married, this calls for a financial plan review. Your financial advisor will draw up a new plan or reform the current financial plan.
  2. advises you to check your investments: Check if investments are giving returns in line with the financial plan. If investments are not performing up to standard, then decide where to allocate the money. Asset allocation is very important in a financial plan.
  3. Is your retirement on track: Healthy ROI (Return on Investment) and more allocation of money towards retirement helps retire early? Do financial review to check if investments are on track to achieve early retirement.
  4. Interact with financial advisor: Your financial advisor knows a lot of people (has handled a lot of clients) with similar financial goals or who have been in similar situations. He is in a unique situation to help with financial and life goals.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Top Reasons Companies Have No Complaints When Purchasing Leads from Lead Market

Lead market reviews some of the main benefits of buying life insurance leads. Let us go through the details in the following sections.
Advantages of Purchasing Life Insurance Leads
Customized Leads | Real Time Response | Get Right Information
Advantage #1: Customized Leads
Oftentimes, you will look for life insurance leads for people who living in a specific location. Another situation could be where you only look for specific type of leads such as people falling in a certain category like senior citizens or new parents.
When you are purchasing the leads from a reputed company like Indianmoney, you will have no complaints and you will have the assurance that the company will be properly filtering the leads for you. This way you will always get very high quality leads. Lastly, it will save staff’s time that is spent on filtering the leads and will be good for your customers as well.
Advantage #2: Real Time Response
In its review Lead Market Bangalore has found that people inquiring about insurance products expect to receive a quick response. When you are buying leads from a reputed company, the leads are sent to you as soon as they get generated.
This way, you are able to promptly respond to inquiries (within what is known as the golden hour) and achieve higher conversions. Thus, lead generation firms do all the hard work on your behalf and you just have to reap the benefits.
Advantage #3: Get Right Information
You will not have any complaints with contact information you receive from these lead generation companies. For instance, the contact number and name of the person will always be accurate or else you can be sure that you will be promptly getting the refund for leads which are not useful.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Top 3 benefits of purchasing leads from Lead Market with zero complaints

Are there any advantages of purchasing leads? Let us find out the details in the following sections of this lead market reviews.

The benefits of Purchasing Leads
Benefit #1: Qualified Leads
First and foremost, when you are buying leads from a good lead generation company, you get the assurance of getting high quality leads that are available on demand. This means, you do not have to wait to get the right leads, whenever you require you can have them by calling your lead market Bangalore Company.
Benefit #2: Leads for Different Industries
Irrespective of whether you have a business which falls in a common category or a special business, by contacting a lead generation company you will have the assurance that your requirement will always be met.
Lead market feedback will help you know if specific leads you require are available or not and you can accordingly plan your work.
Benefit #3: Save Time and Money
It takes a lot of time to qualify your leads. When you are buying good leads, this means those are pre-qualified leads and you will not have to spend extra time on searching your prospects. By purchasing pre-qualified leads you will have easier follow up and this in turn will help you save a lot of time on closing a deal.
In addition, the expenditure you will have to make on making calls, setting up the whole process of lead generation, and hiring people for the same will be a lot more than what you will have to spend on purchasing the leads from lead market Bangalore. You can also go through lead market complaints to be sure you are working with the right company and get leads which are of highest quality.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Indian Money Mortgage Loan Interest rates, Eligibility - Reviews & Complaints

A mortgage loan is a type of loan where property/real estate is the collateral. It is pledged to borrow money. You/borrower have to enter into an agreement with the bank. As per Indian Money Review You get cash up front and then make payments over a period of time through EMIs. The bank/lender has possession of the original property documents till you repay the loan.

Want to know more on Loan against Property? We at IndianMoney Complaints will make it easy for you. Just give us a missed call on 022 6181 6111 to explore our unique Free Advisory Service. is not a seller of any financial products. We only provide FREE financial advice/education to ensure that you are not misguided while buying any kind of financial products.
Indian Money Mortgage Loan Interest rates, Eligibility & Calculator - Reviews & Complaints
Types of mortgage:
  • Simple mortgage:
In a simple mortgage, the mortgagee (This could be a bank/lender), does not enjoy possession of the property. The mortgagor (one who pledges the property), makes a legally binding agreement to repay the mortgage. The mortgagor gives the mortgagee the right to sell the property, to recover the dues.
  • English mortgage:
In this agreement, the mortgagor agrees to repay the mortgage money within a certain date, and then transfer the property to the mortgagee (bank/lender). The mortgagee agrees to retransfer the property back to the mortgagor once the dues (mortgage money), is repaid as per terms and conditions.
  • Usufructuary mortgage:
The mortgagor (borrower) gives possession of the property to the bank (mortgagee), until mortgage money is repaid. The mortgagee also receives rent/other benefits from the land. The mortgagee/bank agrees to appropriate the property in lieu of interest/payment of mortgage money.
  • Mortgage by deposit of title deeds:
The mortgagee (bank) provides documents of title of immovable property to the mortgagor with intent to create a security of the same.
  • Mortgage by conditional sale:
The mortgagor sells the property to the mortgagee with a condition that the sale will be absolute/permanent on a default. If the mortgage dues are paid, the sale is null and void and the mortgagee will transfer the property back to mortgagor.   
Functioning of a mortgage loan:
The money you borrow on the mortgage is the principal. You have to pay back the principal amount on the mortgage each month. In addition you have to pay back interest on the loan.
Repayments depend on type of interest rate which may be fixed or floating rate. Fixed rates mean payments remain constant across loan tenure. Floating rates change with market rates.